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For authors

For publication in the web-site are accepted articles of a topical, generalized, methodical character, findings of original scientific, practical, scientific methodological investigations in the form of articles, which were never being published. Articles must meet the requirements of the Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Attestation Commission of Ukraine “On severization of requirements to professional publications included to lists of the SAC of Ukraine” on 15.01.2003 № 7-05/1 and have the following mandatory elements:

- problem statement in general terms and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks;
- analysis of recent researches and publications, in which the solving of the given problem is started and by which the author is guided;
- specification of unsolved aspects of general problem, to which the article is devoted;
- formulation of aims of the article (task statement);
- summary of the main matter of research and explanation of obtained scientific results;
- conclusions and prospects for further research in this area.

Author of the article is responsible for accuracy and reliability of material, for belonging the latter personally to him, accuracy of given in the paper facts (data) and quality of citations’ translation from foreign-language sources (if available).


In order for articles to be considered for publication it is necessary:

1. Fill electronic summary of author’s information.

Send to the editorial board of the journal via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following materials:

2. Scientific article. Language of publications: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

3. For persons without scientific degree, – scanned review of scientific supervisor or review of a person with scientific degree in speciality that corresponds to the subject of research (sign of reviewer must be certified in personnel department of establishment or with a stamp of faculty (institute).

4. Author’s abstract of the article in English (author’s abstract of the article must contain: last name and initials of the author; academic rank or position; place of work or studying; title of the article; summary of the article at least 250 words). Translation in English must be authentic (not machine). In case of problems with translation authenticity the editorial board can help in their solving.

5. Scanned confirmation of payment. The payment is made only after approval of the article by the editorial board. The payment for publication of article is 280 hryvnias for 8-15 pages inclusive.

6. The editorial board within a week after article confirmation sends to the author via e-mail certificate of receipt of the article for publication in the journal signed by chief editor with a seal affixed.

File names must correspond to the last name of the author.
For example: Ivanov_article, Ivanov_review, Ivanov_abstract, Ivanov_receipt.


The length of article should be less than or equal to 15 pages, including figures, tables, graphs, references.

Margins on all sides – 2,0 cm.
Line spacing – 1,5 cm.
Front type «Times New Roman» – 14 pt.
Paragraph indention – 0,5 cm.
Text alignment – edgewise.

In-text citations must be made in square brackets marking and include numbers of pages of appropriate sources. For example: [3, p. 234] або [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234]. List of references must be placed at the end of the article in order of appearance of relevant citations in the text according to current standards of bibliographical description (see: Standard “Bibliographic record. Bibliographical description” (DSTU 7.1:2006 and Form 23, approved by the order of SAC of Ukraine on 29 May 2007 № 342).


On the first line on the left – UDC, on the second line – topic of the journal, on the next line – author’s initials and last name (bold), the next line – scientific degree and academic rank (italic). Full name of organization which the author represents (italic), names of other co-authors (if available, but less than or equal to 3 authors). Title of the article is placing after empty line without division of words (bold).

Summaries and key words should be in Ukrainian, Russian and English (at least 5 sentences, amount of key words – at least 5 words). Then after empty line a text of the article is placing. List of references should be placed at the end of the document.

Figures and tables must be placed in the article directly after the text where they are referred at first or in the next page. Formulas in articles should be typed via equation editor (internal equation editor in Microsoft Word for Windows).

The process of reviewing articles consists of the following steps:

1. The article should be reviewed by a specialist at the place of work or training of the author. At this stage, the so-called “open peer review” is used by the official reviewer – an external specialist of the corresponding scientific profile (doctor of sciences). Such a review should contain information on the reliability of the results obtained, their relevance and novelty, as well as practical value with the recommendations for publication of the article. Such a review, together with the article, should be submitted by the author to the Editorial Board.

2. Review of an article by one of the members of the Editorial Board (single-blind review – the reviewer knows the author, but the author does not know the reviewer).Based on the review, the author can receive one of the following answers:

a) the article is accepted for printing,
b) it is recommended to edit the article,
c) the author’s article is rejected.